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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  April 9, 2012 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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good morning. we start on monday, april 9th with a live look outside at the u.s. capitol tomorrow as we start our week. tucker barnes will join us to tell us what we have in store in the weather department for this week. good morning to you. i'm he wisdom martin. we can't forget about it is a big day at the white house. more than 3500 people will join the first family at the 134th annual easter egg roll. the celebration will include food, games, dancing, live moussal performances and the traditional easter egg roll on the white house lawn.
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holly morris will be live at the white house all morning long to give you an inside look into the event. i'm wisdom martin. care has the day off. time now to get a quick check of what is going on in the weather world. happy monday to you, tucker j honey monday to you. -- sarah has the day off. -- happy monday to you. i think we'll start the day with mostly sunny skies. later today, we'll see the possible of a few more clouds moving in. right now, we're cool but comfortable. 55 in washington. humidity, very low, 28%. winds are out of the west at eight miles per hour and there is your pressure, 29.92 inches. breezy to windy at times.
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mild, highs in the upper 60s. the temperature needs to be adjusted. we'll be cooling off later tonight. some of the top stories we're following this morning. maryland's general assembly session is scheduled to end at midnight tonight. there are still hundreds of unresolved bills that still hang in the balance. the house and senate still have to break a stalemate and pass a $35 billion budget the difference between the two chambers is $58 million. no charges have been filed against the driver after i atoddler in maryland was hit and killed by a car. vehicle investigators say 2- year-old ethan guzman ran out into 58th avenue saturday. a passing suv hit the child. the driver did stop and wait for police and paramedics to arrive but the child did not survive. there may be a big development in the trayvon martin shooting this week. a special prosecutor is
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expected to decide whether george zimmerman should face charges in the teen's death. she could direct file the charges or recommend that a grand jury indict him. if that happens, the grand jury also has the option to ask for more evidence or decline to indict him f martin's family decides to sue over his death, they could target the home owners association of the neighborhood where the shooting happened and not george zimmerman. if zimmerman's claim of self- defense is upheld, florida's stand your ground law will protect him from a lawsuit. a legend in the field of broadcasting is gone. mikual has has died at the age of 93. he was a well-known face in our living rooms. steve centanni take a look at the life and career of the tv news man. >> reporter: the legendary news man was famous for his relentless and probing questioning and made a huge
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mark on broadcast journalism. he was even respected by most of us who sat down with interviews with mike wallace without knowing what to expect. >> he calls you imam, forgive me, his words, not mine, a lunatic. was there anything that the secret service or that clint hill could have done to keep that from happening. i think you will agree that i good many people hated your husband. they even hated you. are you the least bit afraid of what might happen to you as a result of making these revelations. >> reporter: his big break came when he was the first correspondent to be hired by don hewitt when he was putting together the cbs news magazine 06 minutes which went on to become the most successful news program for decades. he hosted the program for 38
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seasons until he retired as a regular correspondent in 2006. over his long career, he covered presidents and dictators, actors and artists. he covered the war in vietnam and the watergate scandal. steve centanni, fox news. good morning to you. happy monday, april 9th. we get ready to start the morning, live look outside right now over washington, d.c. fairly decent start to monday. good morning. i'm wisdom martin. sarah has the day off. time now to talk weather with tucker barnes. good morning to you, tucker. >> happy monday. >> good morning, just the two of us. >> just the two of us right now. >> hopefully it will be a better week in the allergy department. >> the possibility of a shower or two today. that usually helps the allergy
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situation. we'll have a lot of wind around today as well. not sure you will get much reloaf until maybe tuesday, wednesday. >> that's okay. it's monday. it's all downhill n a -- in a good way now. >> ocean city, 48 degrees right now. we're cool but we're comfortable. we're always cool and comfortable. >> so to speak. >> there you go. one or two showers north and west into western maryland. we have a cold front that will get in here later this afternoon. later this afternoon, we'll cloud up and the possibility of a few showers. we'll be windy today. we're still dealing with the very dry atmosphere and the possibility of a higher risk of fires out there and you've probably seen the little red
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alert on your weather app. otherwise, nice-looking day. 6 in fredericksburg. i'll fix that. >> is that possible that was a mistake. >> upper 60s. time now to see what is happening on the roads. julie wright is out. robert hirshorn is in. >> we'll start you off with a look at the legion bridge. no problems getting into or out of virginia from maryland. you are looking good through there. on the beltway in virginia, on the inner loop heading to braddock road from the springfield interchange, a bit of a lane shift. the two left lanes shift sharply to the right as you approach braddock road. they do still have four lanes open at this point. keep that in mind as you head into the early morning travel hours. other than that, around the region, everything looking good. we'll proceed with a look at 270 around 109 in hyattstown which is traveling with low volume at this point. 395 at the 14th street bridge looking good heading into the
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district. no problems to report in d.c. metro, marc and vre all running on schedule. our your inbound bridges and roadways looking good. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. raffic. >> thank you. making headlines, there may be big developments in the trayvon martin shooting case this week. a special prosecutor is expected to decide whether george zimmerman should face charges in the teen's death. now, she could direct file the charges or recommend that a grand jury indict him. if that happens, the grand jury also has the option to ask for more evidence or decline to indict him. meantime, if martin's family decides to sue over his death, they could target the home owners association of the neighborhood where the shooting happened and not george zimmerman. if george zimmerman's claims of self-defense are upheld in florida's stand your ground law, that will protect him from the lawsuit. two arrests in the string of shootings that caused the
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terror in the predominantly african-american community of tulsa, oklahoma. jake england and alvin watts have been charged with killing two people and sending others to the hospital. england wrote he was upset by his father's murder by a black man two years ago. the fbi says it is too early to discuss hate crime charges. d.c. police are still hooking for the person who shot three people on q street near first in northwest saturday afternoon. one of the victims was a juvenile. police believe they are looking for more than one person, possibly as many as four, based on what witnesses have told them. investigators want anyone who may have seen something to please come forward. a tragic weekend for a maryland family after a toddler was hit by a car. investigators say 2-year-old ethan guzman ran out into 58th avenue in new carrollton saturday. a passing suv hit the child. the driver did stop and wait for police and paramedics to arrive but the child did not
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survive. no charges have been filed against that driver. another big story we are following, maryland's general assembly is scheduled to close tonight and there are still hundreds ever bills still hanging in the balance. fox 5's melanie alnwick is here with a look at some of the pending issues. good morning. any bill besides the budge that doesn't pass is dead. first, lawmakers have to try to break a stalemate and pass a budget before the deadline. also on the table, a bill to build a casino in prince george's county with some guidelines plus a proposal to double the state's flush tax that. would double to about $60 a year has been approved by the house and senate with minor differences. it would bring money to the bay restoration fund. there will be a last-minute scramble to try to bring a
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casino to prince george's county and legalize table games. it is also possible that lawmakers could put the issue to voters in november instead. governor o'malley's gas tax proposal is dead but income tax increases for many marylanders are a sure thing. >> the main question is how to raise the income tax. they decided they are going to raise the income tax in order to keep funding high for schools and also to avoid cutting spending on health care and other social programs. >> reporter: it is also do or die day for governor o'malley's bill to kick start offher wind power. this is the second year the governor has tried to get the subsidies for wind farm development passed but lawmakers are resistant because it will raise citizens' energy bills, something they are certainly loathe to do in this economy. easter may be over but one moafort anticipated easter events is just beginning. more than 35,000 people will
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join the first family at the white house today for the 134th annual easter egg roll. holly morris will be live there all morning participating in the celebration. there is a free way to celebrate easter at the zoo. the annual african-american family day kicks offer today. the easter monday tradition has been in place since 1891. this year's event will go on despite concerns after a confrontation led to a stabbing at last year's celebt year said re-evaluate security to make sure the zoo would be safe for everyone. coming up, new developments this morning in the nuclear tensions involving north korea. up next, what the north is apparently doing now that south creigh as watching closely. we are checking more headlines coming up next. on average 5,000 people a day switch from cascade to finish -
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we are following a developing story overseas where, according to the south korean intelligence officials, north korea may be getting ready for a third nuclear test. a new report released today states recent satellite images show north korea is digging a new underground tunnel at the site where two other nuclear tests have been conducted. the report says dirt is piled at the tunnel entrance, something needed to fill up underground tunnels before nuclear tests. this information come as north korea prepares to fire a long range rocket they say is for an observation satellite. experts believe it could also test long range technology to strike the u.s. and other targets. the u.s. is about to begin a new round of talks with iran next week focusing on nuclear weapons. the house is trying to convince israel that the cia's use of drones on the ground has given
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them a pretty good idea of where the nuclear program stands. the white house believes it would take a year for build a nuclear weapon in iran. they hope the information can buy some time and hold off any attacks. the u.s. and afghanistan have resolved one of the most difficult sticking points in their allegiance. the deal hands over control of all nighttime raids to afghan forces. the raids will still involve american troops but afghans will have control and no american soldiers will be allowed to take any civilian detainees away. they will be held and prosecuted under afghan law instead. a legend in the field of broadcasting has passed away. mike wallace died at a care facility in connecticut late saturday night. wallace began his broadcasting career on radio in the 1940s and made the move to tv in the early 1950s. he was best known for his 38 seasons as host as haired-
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hitting interviewer to 06 minutes. mike wallace was 93 years old. interesting comments from newt gingrich about his campaign and one of his opponents. first, let's talk to tucker barnes. >> good morning. we've got cool temperatures throughout to start your day. a little sunshine for your monday start. but what will the day hold in weather? i'll let you know. 
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in vatican city, people from all over the world gather to celebrate easter mass with pope benedict xvi. the pontiff made his easter greetings in 56 different languages and then went on to talk about the joy of easter and how it should change people's lives. the pope offered a special prayer at mass for those christians around the world who are discriminated against or persecuted for their faith. thousands of early risers came out for the annual easter sunrise service at the lincoln memorial. pastor dodge from capital church led the easter celebration that included a live orchestra, choir and worship. the service at the lincoln memorial is considered one of the large of the easter sunrise services in the nation. and president obama took the day off from politics to
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spend easter with his family. the first family took a stroll across the street to attend a service at st. john's episcopal church. later today, the obamas will host the annual white house easter egg roll welcoming 3500 guests to the south lawn for games, stories and a traditional egg roll. we'll be there, of course, live this morning with all the action and adventure that will take place at the white house. and we hope the weather is nice not just for the easter egg roll but for all people involved in today's activities. >> it will be fine. later today, there is a possibility of a shower and those suffering from allergies may be able no knock it down a few points. otherwise, a breezy if not windy day today with highs about 70. >> not bad. >> cool weather on the way. >> it depends on how cool. we have to roll with it. >> let's get to it and talk numbers. reagan national, we are down to 55. what is going on here we have a
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series of cold fronts working through and our next one set to arrive a little later this afternoon. this one could kick off a shower as mentioned and then some cooler air for the middle of the week. our hi teams will be a few degrees below normal starting tomorrow and right through wednesday and thursday. 52 right now in gaithersburg. these temperatures are cool but again, we're not terribly cold. 55 in leonardtown. 57 this morning in annapolis. all right. here we go. satellite-radar. now, flow here once again out of the north and west. we had a little frontal system that came through late in the day yesterday. our next cold front is out to the west, out towards chicago and that leading edge of a little bit warmer air up ahead of it could give is a shower or two particularly this afternoon. here is the deal with your monday. sunshine to start your day. then i think we'll get some clouds this afternoon and the possibility of a few showers around here. not a good chance, maybe a 20% chance. there we are at 10:00 a.m.
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you can see we're mostly sunny and nice and mild. it will be windy around here up head of the front. then by 7:00 tonight, we'll have some clouds around and a few scattered showers and that cold front. then we'll have a cool couple of days starting tomorrow. early sunshine, the clouds move in way front later today. could be a shower out there late this afternoon. 69 your daytime high. check out the winds out of the west 15 to 20, gives to about 30 later this afternoon. 45 your overnight low. here is your five-day forecast. get ready for some cooler air. nothing terrible but aling on the cool side here, tuesday, wednesday and thursday with highs in the 50s. we'll rebound back into the 60s by friday. again, not a whole lot of rain in the forecast this week. we could use the rain, maybe some more scattered showers are on wednesday. let's look at the weather forecast at 4:45 in the
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morning. now, let's do some traffic with robert hirshorn. we'll start you off with 66, the traffic headed eastbound and the volume picking up. no major delays at this point and all your travel lanes open as you head eastbound o95 in virginia, the same thing coming north from the prince william parkway. plenty of volume here making its way to of the springfield interchange and other points north in maryland. father hurley boulevard, not seeing too much increase in volume at this point but watched for taillights or increased volume as you make your way southbound from frederick. inner and outer loops in maryland, no major problems to report. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. to politics now. the race isn't fillly over yet but newt gingrich is no longer talking like he will be the nominee for the republicans in the presidential race. now, the former speaker spoke
4:50 am
about his campaign on fox news sunday and it seemed like he had all but given up when he asked about mitt romney. heather childers has the story. >> thank you very, very much. >> reporter: is the gingrich campaign for president coming to an end? >> we're operating on a shoestring. >> reporter: the former house speaker on fox news sunday talking about his candidacy in the past tense. >> if i end up not being the nominee, i'm glad i did this. it was the right thing for me to do at that point both in my life and for where i thought the country was. >> reporter: gingrich, would won just two contests, calling mitt romney, quote, far and away the most likely nominee. romney continues to focus his attention on president obama. >> we just got to get him out of office. he just doesn't understand what is happening in the country in part because of what he has been doing wrong. >> reporter: the pressure is mounting on rick santorum to hang it up and embrace the
4:51 am
former massachusetts governor. >> the establishment has been against us from day one. if we had been listening to the establishment, rick santorum wouldn't have even gotten in this race. >> reporter: according to an associated press tally, mitt romney is leading the race with 660 delegates. santorum has 281 followed by gingrich with 135 and ron paul with 51 delegates. according to records from the federal election commission, mitt romney and the republican national committee filially filing paperwork to form a joint fundraising committee n new york, heather childers, fox news. up next are multigenerational homes, several generations under one roof. we'll tell you if it is paying off for contractors and buyers. stay tuned. ♪
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the stalled home building industry with multigenerational homes. they are breaking ground in communities where having the family all under one roof is common. casey steigel has the story. >> reporter: when the cox family began searching for a new home, extra space for relatives was key. >> at times in our lives, we've always found that there are family members who need somewhere to stay. >> reporter: the coxs will soon be a type of household becoming increasingly common, the multigenerational home. in 2008, nearly one in five households contained at least two adult generations. that is up 33% since 1980. >> this has been building for a while. >> it is already happening in different minority communities. family and culture are really celebrated and as people get older, they want them to move in. >> reporter: builder lenar introduceed a home tailor made for these families.
4:55 am
>> families can live together, have independence and flexibility and enjoy their company at the same time. >> reporter: the out of the box approach has given them something new to both build and market. >> the homes that we build today in many ways aren't too different from the homes we built two or three years ago or even during the boom years inform order to compete against foreclosures which are a lot cheaper, they have to do something different. >> reporter: the cox family bought a next gen home so they can take care of their parents. in the meantime, they are helping out a relative who is helping them with the bills. >> i think because of what the economy has done and a lot of people losing their home and jobs and so forth, that it works out. >> in los angeles, casey steigel, fox news. fox news. sports is coming up next. we are talking about bubba winning at the masters and a near no-hitter in baseball right up the road. the nationals with more late inning magic but was it enough? sports coming up. 3q every day, an average of 5,000 people
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the masters came down to a two high pressure man play off. bubba watson's highlight of the tournament was a crazy yi hook shot around some trees and on to the green. that would prove to be the difference. watson goes on to win his first green jacket. the 33-year-old from florida is now the fourth-ranked player in the world. to baseball now, the washington nats are in new york to take on the mets. they are hoping to rebound from the first loss of the young season. the nats fell to the chicago cubs sunday 4-3. they trail 4-1 in the ninth inning but mounted another rally. adam laroche hit a two-run blast, his second home run ever of the season. that is as close as the nats would get. they are now 2-1 on the season.
4:59 am
their home opener is thursday. to baltimore now. easter sunday at camden yards, the orioles go for the three- game sweep over the twins and pitcher jason hamill put on a clinic. he took a no high pressure hitter into the eighth inning and then morneau broke it up with a double. it didn't matter. the o's completed the game winning 3-16789 they are 3-0 on the season and host the yankees tonight. it was a long, tough season for the washington caps but now they have a clean slate. they are headed into the playoffs on a roll winning five of their last seven games. they clinched the seventh spot in the east on saturday with a convincing win over the new york rangers 4-1. now, alexander ovechkin scored his 38th goal of the season just 32 seconds into the game. caps now a playoff showdown against the defending stanley cup bruins boston bruins. game one and two thursday and saturday ist


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